Jigsaw levels up to Gold Partner status with OneStream

by | Dec 20, 2021

We are incredibly pleased and excited to announce that Jigsaw has been awarded Gold Partner Status with OneStream Software – the first in Africa. The strategic partnership will continue to help organisations conquer complexity and drive finance transformation across EMEA as it brings deep domain expertise and extensive implementation experience to the Office of Finance.

Leveling up to Gold Partner Status is no small feat as it requires the partner to have achieved seven ‘live’ successful projects and five senior resources (“senior” refers to consultants who have lead architect experience on OneStream projects).

OneStream provides a unified platform that simplifies and aligns financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics and financial data quality. In addition, OneStream eliminates the risk and complexity of data integration, validation and reconciliation between multiple products, applications or modules, and makes non-integrated CPM suites a thing of the past.

“We are thrilled to announce the Gold Partner status with Jigsaw Advisory and extend our presence around the globe,” said Raimon Roth, Regional Director, South Africa at OneStream Software.

“Each OneStream partner undergoes rigorous training to ensure full compliance with our mission of 100 per cent customer success. We believe that a strategic partnership with Jigsaw Advisory is ideal for the evolving needs of our customers on a global scale, and together we will provide our shared customers with an Intelligent Finance platform that eliminates inefficiencies and allows them to Lead at Speed.”

“A huge thanks to our team for their hard work and dedication to our clients, contributing to this success!” said De Wet Lessing, Jigsaw Co-Founder.


About OneStream Software

OneStream provides a market-leading intelligent finance platform that reduces the complexity of financial operations. OneStream unleashes the power of finance by unifying corporate performance management (CPM) processes such as planning, financial close and consolidation, reporting and analytics through a single, extensible solution. As a result, we empower the enterprise with financial and operational insights to support faster and more informed decision-making—all in a cloud platform designed to evolve and scale with your organisation continually.

OneStream is an independent software company with over 800 customers, 200 implementation partners and 900 employees; our primary mission is to deliver 100% customer success. To learn more, visit us

About Jigsaw Advisory

Jigsaw Advisory specialises in guiding CFOs and finance teams through their digital transformation journey. We value and nurture our niche position as a trusted transformation advisor to many top-level CFOs and are so confident about our recommendations that we choose to implement the solutions ourselves. That way, we fully understand the business context for the challenge and use that to serve as the focus throughout the implementation and benefits realisation process. Get in touch with our senior team here.