EPM & Digital Finance Transformation.

In a world full of uncertainties finance transformation is not only necessary but a business imperative.

Reasons to consider digital finance transformation

Increased accuracy in planning and risk management.

Frees up time to focus on value-adding tasks.

Faster and more consistent financial close process.

Tailored process optimisation opportunities.

Enablement of efficient cash flow forecasting and management.

Incorporates automation to handle mundane, repetitive tasks, leverage data and technology.

More accurate predictions based on AI and deep learning on large data volumes.

Technology & Finance Expertise working together.

We are the largest implementation partner in Africa.

By leveraging technology, our digital finance solutions can prepare you for what’s to come.

We implement and/or enhance the following solutions to enable effective, efficient and robust finance functions to better serve the businesses that they support:

Operating Model

Aligning the organisational structure for finance, the business processes, data management and enabling technology to the business strategy.


Corporate Performance Management technology selection, deployment and integration.

Finance Processes

Process modelling, automation and workflow enablement.

Business Intelligence

Periodic and continuous management reporting with advanced analytics.

Governance and Controls

Finance governance structures, frameworks, policies, procedures, standards and operational controls.

Is your finance department digitally mature enough to take on the transformation process?

Trusted Data

Data that doesn’t need to be checked and fixed for reporting.

Comprehensive Data

Data used for planning & budgeting comes from more than your ERP system.

Effective Team

People that embrace change and are capable of moving to automated processes.

Right Tools

Right technologies, processes & practices in place to enable us to make faster, better decisions.

Right Partners

Implementation / advisory services providers that aren’t incentivised to prolong the problem.

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